Chocolate “Frosting” Oatmeal

Sunday morning means oatmeal. Although to be honest so does Monday. And Tuesday. And Wednesday…. Right now I could eat oatmeal every day of the week. Since chocolate is good at any time, I love incorporating it into my breakfast. My new favorite oatmeal topping is so healthy and easy to make but tastes like you’re eating a big bowl of chocolate frosting for breakfast. Sounds like heaven to me 🙂


Chocolate “Frosting Oatmeal


1/2 cup quick oats

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp vanilla

1 cup water

1 ripe or browning banana (a good use for old bananas you have left!)

1 1/2 tbsp dark chocolate cocoa powder (I like Hershey’s)

1/4 cup almond milk

sweetener if desired



Put 1/2 cup quick oats in a microwave safe bowl. Add cinnamon, sweetener if desired, 1 tbsp vanilla extract, and 1 cup water. Microwave on high for 2 minutes (or according to oat’s directions).

While oats are cooking, mash banana, add almond milk and cocoa powder, and stirs until combined. Add more or less almond milk for a thicker or thinner consistency. Add to top of oatmeal and heat for 30 more seconds. Remove from microwave and enjoy warm. Top with some cereal or granola for a little extra crunch.


Shared on Healthy Vegan Fridays!


8 thoughts on “Chocolate “Frosting” Oatmeal

  1. My mom is drooling over this haha and demanding that it be made for her tomorrow! Good thing it is so easy 🙂 we eat oatmeal every morning and though I like it simple with bananas, mixing it up would be fun!!

  2. How is that healthy? It is a bowl of sugar first thing I the morning, not giving that to my child & then we ding him off to school- he would be wired all day! What vegan uses the microwave, soooo bad for you.

    • Hi Saniel,
      I’m sorry that you don’t appreciate this recipe. Bananas are one of my favorite things to have in the morning but no one is saying you need to give this to your child! Please don’t assume all my recipes are fit for everyone. I’m simply sharing what I like to eat.
      As for what type of vegan uses the microwave? How about a college student.
      Thanks for your feedback!

    • if you look at the ingredients, there really isn’t much sugar in this recipe (unless you choose to add it to the oats). just because its chocolate, doesn’t mean its sweet 😉
      What confused me was the McDonalds ad…

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