Fig Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Onions

Have you ever been to an oil and vinegar store? The places that have at least ten varieties of olive oil and just as many types of balsamic vinegar? I went last week and sampled probably everything  (clearly the best part of the store – sampling could be my hobby). My favorite, and the one I went home with, was a fig balsamic. Evidenced by my fig balsamic pizza, I obviously love the combination of figs and balsamic, so the vinegar was a perfect way to add a lot flavor without a lot of effort. I went to Old Town Oil ( in Evanston and highly recommend it. I’ll definitely be going back to try another type of vinegar!

I decided to use my vinegar on some sweet potatoes and onions. The sweetness of the potato and the vinegar balances well with the onion. Feel free to add some protein to this salad to make it a more filling meal (I cooked up some seitan and added it to my salad) – one that is healthy, easy, quick, and delicious!


Fig Balsamic Glazed Sweet Potatoes and Onions

Serves One


1 sweet potato

1/2 large red onion

spinach or other salad greens

fig balsamic vinegar


Chop up potato and cut onion into rings. Saute in a pan for about 4 minutes. Add about 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar, stir potatoes and onions to make sure they are coated with the vinegar and cover with a lid. Cook covered for about ten minutes, stirring occasionally and adding more vinegar is necessary. Check to make sure potato is cooked and then serve over spinach (or other salad greens). Have goat cheese in the fridge? Add it on top for extra flavor.

If you aren’t into figs or only have plain balsamic vinegar don’t worry! This dish would be just as good with any balsamic vinegar.


Shared on Healthy Vegan Fridays!



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