Easy Marinara Veggie Bowl

Do you ever have one of those days where you want something delicious and healthy for dinner but don’t feel like spending a lot of time in the kitchen? Is that 90% of the time? Good, me too. And these days not only do I want dinner fast, I want it warm. That’s why this meal is perfect. Use a store bought jar of tomato sauce and whatever vegetables you have around. For my “noodles” I used packaged broccoli slaw (essentially just shredded broccoli, carrots, and cabbage). Not into the idea of vegetables as noodles? Try whole wheat pasta for a more filling but still nutritious meal.


Easy Marinara Sauce and Veggie Bowl

1/2 package broccoli slaw

1 sweet potato

1/2 cup chopped tomatos

1/2 cup halved brussels sprouts



Cook sweet potato. I was particularly hungry (okay I’m always impatient) so I microwaved my potato. Poke some holes into the potato with a fork and microwave for six minutes, stopping ever two minutes to check on the potato. While potato is cooking, saute brussels sprouts in a pan for about five minutes. Chop up sweet potato and diced tomatoes to brussels sprouts and cook for one minute. Add half a package of broccoli slaw and cover with lid to let steam for two minutes. Meanwhile heat up tomato sauce in microwave.

Add veggie mixture to a bowl, top with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese (if desired – it tastes great without too!). Dinner is ready in 15 minutes and you only have one pan to clean!



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